June 2, 2011

DOOWUTCHYALIKE - Vancity's Newest Saturday Night....starts JUN 25th 2011

Sammie Jo / Melo Productions presents…


...With residents:

She (Jane Blaze Productions)

Lady Vishus

Bles-sed (Hastings Set/SVS)

Hosted by Sammie Jo

Starting Saturday June 25th, 3 of Vancouver’s finest ladies; She, Bles-sed & Lady Vishus unite for a new Saturday spot that’s simple - good music for people who love to dance = best dance floor vibe! A spot where there’s lots of room to boogie down to strictly quality classic hip-hop and R & B, funk, soul and the freshest new hip-hop and reggae riddims!

No dress code.

Alright, here we go, y'all:

Doo wutch ya like,
Talk how ya like,
Drink wutch ya like,
Grab who ya like,
Feel wutch ya like,
Eat wutch ya like,
Scratch where ya like,
Itch if ya like,

Bboys/bgirls, funk styles, hip-hop and dancehall dancers – Get ready to freestyle because we’re the spot that keeps those ciphers going!

$10 Cover

Saturdays @
The Shark Club
180 West Georgia St

For more info, glist, birthdays and reservations:
Sammie Jo
Email info@sammiejo.ca
Phone 604.537.5093