November 11, 2018

NEW NIGHT: Soulour System - Neo Soul & R&B - Friday Nov 16th

Chocolate Jungle presents...

Soulour System in an inspired event bringing a music lover crowed together to enjoy the spiritual and conscious sounds of Neo soul and rhythm and blues. We wish to take our guests on a astronomical journey to connect great auras with our invited local artists, vendors, musicians and unisex Dj’s spinning for you throughout the night, to have you leave feeling right and on flight.

************FRIDAYNOVEMBER 16, 2018*************

DJ BLES-SED Lynn Corcuera and D.j. Serius

**************Comic Experience Includes*************

Comic Queen Host Phoenix Inana

At Club Peopl 390 Notre Dame W

Entrance 10$
Ladies pay an extra 10$ and get open bar from 10-1am
No caps fellas
Fellas bring some ladies with you and vice versa lets keep the energy balanced.