October 22, 2018



Nous sommes très heureux, et choyés, de pouvoir célébrer notre 5ème anniversaire, et nous tenons à toutes/tous vous remercier pour votre soutien inconditionnel depuis nos débuts. Nous sommes passés par Les Bobards, ensuite établi résidence au défunt Le Bleury, pour ensuite faire escale au Ausgang, et maintenant, nous établissons notre quartier général au Le Belmont

Pour cette édition spéciale, nous avons invité un habitué, Temu, qui s'occupera de mettre le feu avec une performance live, en plus d'avoir la chance d'accueillir AMALIA, la Reine du Modern Funk, qui se produira sur scène pour la première fois à Montréal. De plus, Dj Bles-sed se joindra à nous aux platines, et nous retrouvons notre indispensable/inimitable hôte Marley C. Il y aura également un "light-show" interactif du collectif Isotone Collective!!


Award winning singer, dancer, producer, musician and all around entertainer, Temu, was born in New York City to a family of the arts. Watching Temu perform, it can be hard to believe he’s really just one person. He moves effortlessly from mellow soul to raged-filled raps, from talk-box p-funk to sophisticated ballads – covering an astonishingly varied musical landscape in performances that are tightly focused, yet warm and intensely human. Nonetheless, whether listening or watching, be prepared for a journey into the dimension of awe.


"All the sweat, dirt and sexiness real funk deserves to have." - Motherfunk Berlin

Where tropical monsoons meet the cobbled streets of Northern hemispherical cities… from Londontown to Gastown… AMALIA MAMALIA was conjured where opposites collide… First introduced to the funk world by Dam-Funk in 2011. ‘The First Lady of Modern Funk” (KPFK Radio Los Angeles)… Her debut “Art Slave” and involvement with Opolopo’s “Voltage Controlled Feelings” on Tokyo Dawn Records had her circulating the globe from SF’s Sweater Funk to Kyoto Jazz Massive’s Room… Best known for her work with such music visionaries as Onra, Reggie B, Atjazz, Domu, AD Bourke, Blaktroniks, Portformat, Boddhi Satva, B.Bravo & Afronaut of Bugz in the Attic.. A force of nature… Breathe in AMALIA.


Bles-sed got her start collecting and spinning vinyl in Vancouver back in 2002 and quickly became one of the pre-eminent R&B, hip-hop, funk/soul DJs in city. Since then, she's criss-crossed the country bringing her sound across Canada and now makes Montreal her home.

Over the span of her career she’s been blessed to share the stage with notable artists such as Estelle, Raphael Saadiq, and Maseo of De La Soul. Since moving to Montreal, she was invited to share her love of boogie and funk on Walla-P's Voyage Funktastique radio show and rocked the crowd at the renowned Chocolate Jungle 90’s party. Most recently she brought the Cuffin’ All Thangs R&B Party to Montreal. 

>> WALLA P (Voyage Funktastique / Music Is My Sanctuary)

>> DR.MaD (Voyage Funktastique / Loop Sessions)



10$ All Night (Taxes incluses)