August 15, 2018

Fresh 2 Death Battle (F2D) - AUG 22-25 - FESTIVAL MODE & DESIGN

 AUG 22-25...Fresh 2 Death Battle (F2D)
Is an event that marks the meeting between street dance and fashion. This concept, developed in collaboration with the Fashion & Design Festival, is born from the idea that street dancers are not only gifted in every dance form they practice but also have a keen sense of fashion.
To ensure the smooth running of this first edition and to help those who don't always dare, our 3 judges will also be the stylists of their respective categories. All dancers participating in the Battle F2D will be invited to consult the judges so that they can find a personalized look together. We know that some dancers won't need it, for the others it's a chance to DARE !!
2018 Concept: Patterns & Colors
Judges & Stylists:


Thank you F2D @alexspicey_lkg ♥️😘🙏🏽