February 2, 2014


The finest in late 80's and early 90's hip hop and R&B!

My Prerogative is to have a party All 4 Love where you can find a Rump Shaker or a Stone Cold Gentleman that will Rub You The Right Way. If it Feels Good, maybe it'll turn into Real Love and with enough Sensitivity you could Make It Last Forever as long as you Live and Learn. 

Now That We Found Love, what are we going to do?

New Jack Swang: Valentines Edition
DJ She + DJ Bles-sed
Thursday, February 13th 9:00pm-2:00am
Portside Pub - 7 Alexander St - Gastown
Tickets: $5 and available at the door only

Originally from the East Coast of Canada, now based out of Vancouver BC, SHE is one of the top female DJ's on the Vancouver circuit. Growing up in a house-hold filled with funk and soul, She quickly acquired a love for music. From funk and soul, a love for hip hop developed and her journey into music began.


DJ Bles-sed

If you've never been fortunate enough to attend a Bles-sed event — which would be strange since she's been a pre-eminent R&B, hip hop, funk /soul DJ in Vancouver since 2002 — you're in for quite the revelation.
Her unparalleled knowledge of classic tracks made her a natural for parties where one could reminisce about the good ol' times even while forging good new ones.